At KISS Training we are approved to teach People Moving and ManualHandling Training Courses under the Health and Safety (Manual Handling Operations) Regulations 1992 and this course does conform to currently acceptable Moving and Handling practice.

Manual handling is the lifting, lowering, supporting, moving, carrying, pulling or pushing of a load by hand or bodily force, this could include people.
Manual handling training should be regularly refreshed as well as during every induction. Correct training reduces the potential for injury and in doing so reduces the potential for claims, absenteeism and many other business costs.

Course Length

The People Moving and Manual Handling Training Course will run for approximately 7 hours (1 Day).

This People Moving and Manual Handling Training Course is not just an attend course, students are required to take part in practical and theoretical work to successfully complete the course.

Course Description

Approximately 40% of the population is affected by back pain each year, and 50 million working days are lost each year due to back problems.
Manual handling is a common everyday task, people get hurt every day from poor manual handling techniques, when moving people the client is at risk as well as the carer (you).
While injuries to both can be negligible, they can also be life altering and occasionally fatal to the client.
It is important to realise that although there are several items of legislation that relate to manual handling at work, manual handling is not just at work it is for life.

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