Why is good food hygiene important?

Food poisoning (also known as food-borne illness) occurs when you consume contaminated food or beverages. Food can be contaminated by bacteria, viruses, parasites, or their toxins.

Good food hygiene is essential to enable you to make, sell or serve food that is safe to eat. In practice, this means that you must have procedures in place to manage food safety’ hazards’ in your business.

Course Length

The Food Hygiene Training Course will run for approximately 4 hours (1/2 Day).

This Food Hygiene Training Course is not just an attend course, students are required to take part in practical and theoretical work to successfully complete the course.

Course Description

Good food hygiene is essential to enable you to make, sell or serve food that is safe to eat. So even though there may not be a specific legal requirement behind each section of this course, it is still very important for you and your staff to understand what good food hygiene is and to follow the advice given on the training course.

Older adults are particularly susceptible to food poisoning because as you get older, your immune system does not respond as quickly or effectively to defend against infectious organisms as when you were younger. In addition, many nursing home residents already have weakened immune systems due to age, illness, and disease, and their bodies cannot handle the added onslaught caused by food poisoning.

Good food hygiene helps you to: obey the law. Reduce the risk of food poisoning among your clients. Protect your business’s reputation.

Course Syllabus

  • Causes of food poisoning.
  • Legislation & HACCP
  • Cross contamination.
  • Moulds, toxins & contaminants.
  • Controlling Bacteria.
  • Cleaning & hand hygiene.
  • Storage & food prep areas.

All students will be issued a certificate on successful completion of the Food Hygiene Training Course.

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