This follows the Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure approach (DRsABCDE) to assess and treat the patient.
The DRsABCDE approach can be used irrespective of your training and experience in clinical assessment or treatment. Individual experience and training will determine which treatments you can give, often only simple measures are needed.

Course Length

The One Day Medical Emergency & Resuscitation Training Course will run for approximately 6 hours (1 Day).

This One Day Medical Emergency & Resuscitation Training Course is not just an attend course, students are required to take part in practical work, theoretical work and also home studies to successfully complete the course which will be assessed by the tutor throughout the course.

Course Description

The course will teach you to assess a patient and then;. Treat life-threatening problems as they are identified before moving to the next part of the assessment. Continually re-assess the patient, assess the effects of any treatment given. Use all members of your team. This will allow you to do several things at once, e.g. collect emergency drugs and equipment, dial 999/112, organise your team and communicate effectively. The aims of initial treatment are to keep the patient alive, achieve some clinical improvement and by time for further treatment whilst waiting for help.

Early recognition of the ‘sick’ patient is to be encouraged. Pre-empting any medical emergency by recognising an abnormal breathing pattern, colour or pulse allows appropriate help to be summoned in the appropriate manner and time.
This training is for all dental / doctor surgery’s and any advanced first aid medical teams.

Remember, it can take a few minutes for treatment to work.

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