This training is for Dental & Doctor’s Surgeries as part of the annual refresher training.
The course content is taken from: Medical Emergencies and Resuscitation standards for clinical practice and training for dental practitioners and dental care professionals in general dental /Doctors’ practices.

Course Length

The Medical Emergencies Response Training (MERT) Training Course will run for approximately 3/4 hours (1/2 Day).

This Medical Emergencies Response Training (MERT) Training Course is not just an attend course, students are required to take part in practical and theoretical work to successfully complete the course.

Course Description

This course is to teach/reassess individuals with in the team on all the emergency equipment that is held at the practice. (AED, O2, BVM, LMA, oro- & nasopharyngeal airways, Suction eqpt, etc.) The candidates will have demonstrate competency with all the equipment held and trained on in their place of work.
Early recognition of the ‘sick’ patient is to be encouraged. Pre-empting any medical emergency by recognising an abnormal breathing pattern, abnormal colour, abnormal pulse, allows appropriate help to be summoned. Prior to any patient collapse accurate documentation of the patients medical history should further allow those ‘at risk’ of certain medical emergencies to be identified in advanced of any proposed treatment

It follows the Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure approach (ABCDE) to assess and treat the patient.
The ABCDE approach can be used irrespective of your training and experience in clinical assessment or treatment. Individual experience and training will determine which treatments you can give. Often only simple measures such as laying the patient down or giving oxygen are needed. Treat life-threatening problems as they are identified before moving to the next part of the assessment.

Assess the effects of any treatment given, and continually re-assessing the patient, remember- it can take a few minutes for the treatment to work. Use all members of your team, organise your team and communicate effectively, this will allow you to do several things at once. Collect emergency equipment (AED, O2, BVM,) and the emergency drugs and dial 999.

The aims of initial treatment are to keep the patient alive, achieve some clinical improvement and buy time for further treatment whilst waiting for help.

All students will be issued a certificate on completion of passing the Medical Emergencies Response Training (MERT) Training Course.

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